Chat Room Safety Guidelines

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Chat Room Safety Guidelines

Post  Administrator on Fri Oct 23, 2015 8:14 pm

On Chat-Net Message Boards and Chat Room, your safety and security are our top priority. We aim to provide an exciting chatting experience, allowing you to sit back, relax and talk with your friends to your hearts content. However, common sense is always required on the internet, and with chat rooms it is absolutely necessary to look after yourself and be careful what information you share with others. There are the obvious essentials - such as not giving out your full name in any situation – but there are also the less apparent procedures like not clicking on website links given to you.

Listed here are the key points we believe you should remember and always stick to when using our chat rooms, or any form of online messaging system

1. Some people online are dangerous. They may not necessarily be who you think they are, so you must not tell them your real name, address or give them any personal details or means to contact you off the internet. 

2. It is never a good idea to give out or publish your email address, Skype or MSN address in the chat rooms, and doing so can result in your ejection from the room in question. Giving your MSN address or e-mail address in private message is also discouraged – remember that once the conversation is on MSN, we can no longer protect you. We have a very good website messaging system (your inbox) which can be used to leave messages for people to see when they login. You do not need e-mail, especially if your address contains your full name! 

3. Do not share details about your routines. Do not tell people which school/college you go to or the places you often visit. 

4. We strongly advise you never to initiate a one-on-one meeting with anyone you chat to on the internet. If you HAVE to meet someone, ensure that it is in a public place and an adult or friend you trust is with you. 

5. Do not open any website links given to you - they could contain spyware, viruses or disturbing material. If you have already opened such a link, we advise you do a Google search for 'Spybot' and download it. 

6. It is worth remembering that Chat-Net reserves the right to deny access at any time to any user. If we feel that someone is suspicious and may pose a threat to our users, we will not permit them to use our service. 

7. Predatory, threatening, harassing or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in possible police involvement and prosecution. 

8. If you have any doubts, report the user or use the ignore feature. This is the golden rule of chatting. 

Chat-Net has voluntary moderators who supervise the room and ensure that the room rules are adhered to at all times. 

Personal Details 

How much you tell people about yourself is incredibly important; too much information in the wrong hands could make life very difficult for you. There are some people out there who could continually harass you via text, phone, e-mail or even turning up to see you in person. They could potentially cause you mental or physical harm by doing so. This is why we emphasise that you never give out your phone number or address. Make sure you don’t say anything that makes it easier for someone to find you. A teenage user of CHAT-AVENUE should never give out any more than their real age, gender, county, city and perhaps their first name. 

You should always use our messaging system as opposed to emails because it helps keep you anonymous. If you insist on giving someone your e-mail address, ensure that it does not contain part of or your entire name. 

We cannot stop you from giving out your number but it is extremely discouraged. We emphasise that you think very carefully before giving your number away. PLAY IT SAFE! 

A one-on-one meet up with someone from an internet chat room is a large step from simple text based discussion. 


If you are certain you want to meet up with someone, make sure that it is in a public place and that you are with someone you trust, preferably an adult


Never give out your address in a chat session. Publishing an address in a chat room is even worse; as before, you never know who is in an internet chat room. 
Play it safe, do not give out your home address. EVER. 


Do not automatically trust the pictures that someone sends you. There are many pictures of good looking people on the web; some people say that a picture says 1,000 words - keep in mind those "words" could make up one big lie. 

Safety Tools 

On the chat section of the site we equip you with many methods of dealing with problems both in the rooms and in person to person messages. The primary method is the ‘Ignore User’ button, which will block ANY message sent to the room or to you privately by the user who have selected. 

Chat Room Moderators 

Chat-Net has a moderation team to supervise the room and ensure that all service rules and regulations are adhered to by everyone. The moderators are there for your safety and have the power to eject and ban anyone from the room at any time. If a user is giving you a hard time, whether it is in the room or private message, you may speak to a room moderator. Please remember that all room moderators help on Chat-Net voluntarily and are there to help provide a safe and enjoyable chatting environment.please help to make the job easier for them to protect yourself and others by obeying chat room rules.

Parental Supervision 

We have seen way too many children give just enough information about themselves to where it took only a matter of seconds to get their home addresses and phone numbers. The internet is not as private as you might think. 

Almost all of the parents of children lived in denial and believed that their "little angels" were just using the internet to do homework, talk with buddies, and download cookie recipes. Not so. Many computer literate adolescents like to pretend they are "hackers" and end up getting themselves into all sorts of trouble that you as a parent may have never even conceived of. Again, the internet is not as private as you might think and some people, when provoked, will retaliate in ways that the child's parent(s) may find physically, emotionally and financially uncomfortable.

Please try to supervise your children at all times! 

We hope these guidelines will prove useful and we hope you enjoy your Chat-Net experience

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