Xtreme-Chat Room

By entering the chat room you agree to be 14 years or older.
Xtreme Chat Room Rules

- Our chat room is totally free. You may register a username so only you can use it.
- By entering our chat room you agree to be 14 years or older to participate.
- Select a username and click "connect" please be patient as it could take a few moments to establish a connection.
- No phone numbers, email, Skype or kik ID's allowed on main.
- If you witness anything suspicious please inform a room moderator or admin if one is present.
- Do not flood or disrupt the room in anyway. You will be kicked or banned if you do.
- Although we do staff our chat room with online moderators, they cannot be on every minute of the day.
- Do not give out any personal information to anyone no matter how much you think you can trust them.
- Do not attempt to hack or exploit our chat rooms. Permanent bans will be placed on those who do.
- Please be sure to visit our Chat Forums.
- Share us with all your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Google+